Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's Magic!

This nail polish is really magic!! Nail Magic will harden your nails and make them grow faster. After having acrylics my nails were just thin and brittle.  But after putting this nail polish on for a couple of weeks they were stronger than ever!! I always hate getting acrylics because when I take them off my nails are just way to thin but ever since I found this product I don't care anymore because I know I won't have to live with brittle nails for long! You can pick this nail polish up at any beauty store I always find it at Sallys Beauty Supply for $7.99 (prices may vary). The best part about Nail Magic is that it goes on almost totally clear.  The only down side is if you put it on a lot you start to get a pink tint but it comes right off with nail polish remover. I just ran out and will defiantly be getting more soon!

Product description:
 A unique blend of ingredients which stimulates growth of natural nail
World's first nail strengthener and conditioner
Proven effective for over fifty years
Formulated to be compatible with natural nail chemical makeup
Excellent as a basecoat, topcoat or as a clear lacquer
Easy to use, guaranteed results

What they claim:
An excellent nail hardener that strengthens and conditions weak and/or damaged nails. Treats and prevents chipping and splitting nails.

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DISCLAIMER: This is my honest opinion on this product. I am not compensated for posting a positive review. 

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