Saturday, August 18, 2012

Its a 10!!

I have to say I have tried many different products to make my hair grow faster, but nothing has worked as well as the Its a 10 Keratin Collection leave in conditioner.
This product is just amazing! I spray it on after my shower and make sure to spritz a little more on my split ends and it has worked so well. My hair has been growing a lot faster than it normally does and also I have a lot less split ends!!! You can find this product in salons or I have seen it at target. The 4 oz. bottle is 20.99 and the 10 oz. bottle is 28.99 (prices may vary). It is kinda expensive but my mom and I have been using the small 4 oz bottle for 3 months now and are just running out of it.  Ladies it last a very long time and is 100% worth every penny!! This was my first time using the leave in conditioner and I will definitely be using it again!

Product description:
Maintenance of keratin strightening treatments
Increases styling and manageability
Perfect for all hair types
Replaces lost protein
Protects the natural keratin in the head
Protects against heat
Restores hydration balance
Detangles, defrizzes and adds shine
Strengthens hair structure
Seal cuticles for extra silky hair

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DISCLAIMER: This is my honest opinion on this product. I am not compensated for posting a positive review



  1. I have used this once before and was sad when it ran out because it works soooo good! It leaves hair soooo soft :) So I definitely agree with you on that!

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