About Me

Hi, I'm Jillian! I am a Junior in High School who loves to try new things and tell people about them. I am that person who likes to tell their friends about new stuff to try, so I thought I should make a blog. I'm always trying new things and I'm not afraid to take a risk.  I love my family and friends they are the world to me I would do anything for them.  I am a big animal lover especially dogs!! I have 5 dogs hopefully getting a 6th one soon.:)(I know its a lot).  I also have a ferrit and a cat.  I love soccer and being with my team and just being out on the field. 
I am very outgoing and loud but hey im Italian and Mexican what do you expect.  I love being crazy and out there and not caring what people think about me.  I am always the one talking if it is quite because I hate akaward silences haha.  I will talk your ear off even if I dont know you!! 
 I will try my best to post reviews as soon as possible but I just started school again so bare with me.  Well thank you for visitng my blog and I hope you like it!!:)

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